Coal Mining Risk Assessments (CMRA)


Coal Mining Risk Assessment Services

At Roberts Environmental we have a wealth of experience in undertaking Coal Mining Risk Assessments throughout the North East region and beyond.

A Coal Mining Risk Assessment (CMRA) is generally required as a condition of planning to determine whether a site is at risk from past mining activities, which may cause unstable ground (sometimes called ‘subsidence’).

Furthermore, the potential presence of mine shafts on site are at risk from collapse, which could impact site infrastructure and the health and safety of the occupants. A further risk from underlying shallow mine workings is ground gas (Stythe).

coal mining risk assessment

The Process

The initial work is a desk based assessment, which involves the obtaining of regulatory information from the Coal Authority, this includes a site-specific report and abandonment plans.

Further information is obtained from various sources to determine the risk, including BGS geological mapping, historical maps, information from the Durham Mining Museum and from BGS boreholes. This information is collated and reviewed to provide a desk-based Coal Mining Risk Assessment report.

If the desk based assessment identifies the site is at risk then an intrusive site investigation is required. A Coal Authority permit is required from the Coal Authority, which gives permission to progress boreholes at the site into coal seams which belong to the authority.  The site investigation involves the progression of boreholes to up to 30m using water flush techniques to determine the presence of coal seams underlying the site, their thickness and the potential for them to have been worked. During the investigation the boreholes are monitored for ground gases for health and safety.

If worked coal seams are identified then further works can include the stabilisation of the ground through the grouting of the seams i.e. injection of concrete.

coal mining risk assessments


A coal mining risk assessment is undertaken to determine whether the site is or is not at risk. The staged approach from desk based study to ground investigation identifies the risk to a potential development site and can be used to dismiss planning conditions as well as determine liabilities.Upon completion of the works a safe development platform is provided with no further works required.

For further information about how we can help you with Coal Mining Risk Assessments please contact a member of the team on 0191 230 4521