Our Geo-Environmental Services

Offering a full range of Geo-Environmental consultancy services to clients across the UK.


Our Range of Geo Environmental Services

We offer a comprehensive range of Geo-Environmental consultancy services to a broad client base throughout the UK. For further information on our individual service lines please click on the links below…

Our full range of services include:

  • Undertaking Phase 1 Environmental Due Diligence for acquisition, divestiture and loan security
  • Undertaking Phase 1 Environmental Assessments as required as part of a planning application
  • Advising on environmental risk and liabilities
  • Advising on environmental compliance, policy and regulatory issues
  • Advising on industrial site closures and decommissioning
  • Providing Independent assessment of abnormal and remediation costs
  • Putting technical jargon into plain English through the preparation of Non Technical Environmental Summaries
  • Undertaking and Management of Phase 2 Geo-Environmental Site Investigations including intrusive and non-intrusive techniques
  • Geo-environmental and contaminated land risk assessment
  • Engineering geology and geotechnics including earthworks, foundations and substructure engineering
  • Coal Mining Risk Assessments including design and supervision of drilling and geophysical investigations to prove the condition of old workings, mined ground, shafts and subsequent treatment
  • Remediation options appraisal and strategy statements
  • Implementation, management and validation of remediation schemes
  • Preparation of Flood Risk Assessments
  • Preparation of Site Waste Management Plans
  • Preparation of Utility Assessments
  • Project management of specialist surveys and investigations necessary for site disposal or as part of planning applications
  • Undertaking soakaway and permeability assessments.

For further information about any of our services please contact a member of the team on 0191 230 4521