Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment


Phase One Environmental Assessment Services

At Roberts Environmental we provide comprehensive Phase I Environmental Assessments to a wide range of clients throughout the UK.

A Phase I Environmental Assessment is a desk study, the purpose of which is to:

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Establish whether there have been any potentially contaminative uses on the site itself or nearby land

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Identify the presence of any receptors, existing and proposed

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Establish whether the potentially contaminative use could impact on receptors at the site or its neighbourhood

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Facilitate the design of a Phase II Site Investigation (if required)

The assessment can be undertaken for a number of reasons including:

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As part of a requirement of Planning

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A due diligence exercise for the purchase or sale of a property

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Loan security purposes

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Regulatory enforcement

The aim of the Phase I Environmental Assessment is to determine the potential for contamination risks to human health and controlled waters. Also to identify liabilities associated with contamination for the site owner.

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The Process

The report involves the undertaking of a site walkover of the property to determine the current use and any potential areas of environmental concern. This can include features such as fuel storage tanks, asbestos, hazardous chemicals and wastes.

Subsequently, a collation of geological, hydrogeological, hydrological, historic and regulatory data is compiled into a single document, along with an interpretation of the conceptual geotechnical and environmental risks to current and future receptors (site users and environs).

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Our report provides a risk rating of Low, Medium or High, which identifies the potential for future works. If the site is assessed as low risk, generally no further works are required. If the risk rating is assessed as higher than this, further works can involve the undertaking of Phase II site investigation works. Targeting specific areas and potential risks.

For further information about how we can help you with Phase I Environmental Assessments please contact a member of the team on 0191 230 4521