Kieran is a Consultant at Roberts Environmental joining the company in 2020, having previously worked in the ground investigation industry since 2018. During this time Kieran performed numerous large-scale on-site geotechnical undertakings aiding in the final design of tunnel portals, flood defence systems and slope stabilisation. This was achieved through a combination of ground investigation techniques including packer testing, geophysics and rock core logging. Kieran also has a first in his BSc (Hons) in Earth Science and a distinction in his MSc Engineering Geology from Newcastle University. The combination of university and industry exposure has resulted in Kieran acquiring knowledge in fields including geomechanics, hydrology, contaminated land, and geotechnical testing and design. Since joining Roberts Environmental, Kieran has gained experience in the preparation of Phase I Environmental Assessments, Phase II site investigations, Risk Assessments and Coal Mining Risk Assessments.

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