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Roberts Environmental Ltd were instructed by our client, Aedifice Partnership on behalf of Salveo Care Limited, to undertake a Phase II Site Investigation of a site near Aylesbury. The site had previously comprised a residential care home which had since closed and fallen to disrepair. The client intended to redevelop the site and construct a new residential care home which would help serve the needs of the local community.

A number of constraints existed on site which had to be designed into the ground investigation; densely packed services were present in areas of the site, as well as the presence of the existing vacant buildings. However, these challenges were managed by the on-site engineers, with exploratory holes placed carefully to ensure good site coverage.

Siteworks involved:

  • Eleven window sampling boreholes;
  • Five mechanically excavated trial pits;
  • Three mechanically excavated foundation pits along the existing buildings;
  • A soakaway in general accordance with BRE Digest 365 Soakaway design;
  • The installation of two groundwater monitoring wells;
  • Dynamic Cone Penetrometer tests undertaken at eight locations; and
  • Appropriately scoped suites of chemical and geotechnical testing.
Ground Investigation Trial Pit
A trial pit being prepared for a soakaway test.

Siteworks were completed successfully over the course of two days under the supervision of engineers from REL. A variety of ground conditions were encountered, with some Made Ground and Topsoil overlying the expected weathered bedrock deposits of the undifferentiated Gault Formation and Upper Greensand Formation.

Ground Investigation Soil Sample
Completely weathered to weathered siltstone, recovered from the site as very sandy silt with beautiful white chalk marbling throughout, indicative of the Gault Formation and Upper Greensand Formation

REL were able to produce a comprehensive Phase II Site Investigation and Geo-Environmental Assessment report for the client which allowed for the discharge of the relevant planning conditions relating to the development. Following the testing of a number of soil samples recovered from the site, we were able to conclude that there was no risk posed to the proposed development by contamination of site soils, as well as provide preliminary recommendations regarding foundation design. Additionally, we assessed the suitability of the site to support a natural attenuation drainage scheme.

The information given by REL aided the client in furthering their plans for the development of the site and successfully facilitated a greater understanding of ground conditions beneath the site.

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