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Permeability Testing

01. Understand Your Site

We understand your site and the context with which it is being assessed.

The entire assessment is aligned to provide all parties pragmatic, cost-effective, commercial advice.

Following this we will recommend either a Desk based or Intrusive Investigation.

02. Desk Based Assessment

Our experts collate and assess multiple resources including:;

  • Review available BGS geological mapping;
  • Regulatory enquiries;
  • Appraisal of technical reports.

If the site is underlain by clay and will not likely have suitable drainage characteristics, the pragmatic approach is to undertake falling head tests in existing boreholes. This affords you both time and cost savings.

03. Instrusive Investigation

Soakaway tests are carried out in accordance with BRE Digest 365, Soakaway Design.

Trial pits are excavated and filled rapidly with water several times in quick succession to mimic storm events.

The infiltration characteristics are then closely monitored and recorded to establish the permeability of the soils, which information is used by the drainage design team.

04. Provide Advice

Our experts determine if the permeability conditions at your site are suitable for SUDs design or if other solutions need to be considered.

Advice is provided to aid development in conjunction with the current drainage strategy and development requirements.

Where SUDS are designed to make efficient use of the space available, they can often cost less to implement than underground piped systems.


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