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Agricultural Land Classification

01. Understand Your Site

An Agricultural Land Classification (ALC) is a method for assessing the quality of undeveloped land or farmland.

Our experts identify the good and poor quality areas of land at your site helping you better comply with planning policy and allowing farmers to allocate resources more efficiently.

02. Desk Based Study

We assess the factors that affect the site and their interactions, including:

  • Climate: temperature and rainfall, aspect, exposure and frost risk
  • Site: gradient, micro-relief and flood risk
  • Soil: texture, structure, depth and stoniness, chemical properties.

03. Intrusive Investigation

We will thoroughly inspect the site, logging and recording soil and site factors usually at a sample density of one observation per hectare.

04. Provide Advice

Within our final report you will receive:

  • Detail on the agricultural land grades identified at site
  • Explanation of general soil handling principals
  • Logs of soil conditions encountered
  • Map of survey observations and Agricultural Land Classification grade boundaries and a map of soil types.

ALCs increase the chances of gaining planning permission on greenfield land enabling effective management of resources and maximise production.


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