01. Understand Your Site

We understand your site and the context within which it is being assessed.

The entire assessment is aligned to provide all parties pragmatic, cost- effective, commercial advice.

02. Assess Resources

Our experts collate and assess multiple resources including:

  • Desktop Information E.G. Historical Assessment;
  • Site inspection to identify potential areas of contamination;
  • Regulatory enquiries;
  • Information held in the data room;
  • Appraisal of technical reports;
  • Review of CAPEX plans.

We identify any risk to human health or the surrounding environment associated with property and land.

03. Quantify Risk

We assess the significance of environmental factors, taking your site specific needs into account.

For example, Site end use affects the sensitivity of a site with regards to contamination. What may be a risk at a residential plot may be insignificant for commercial developments.

  • Determine what risks (if any) are present;
  • Assess the source, pathway, receptor linkages;
  • Quantify within the context of the site.

04. Provide Advice

Conclusions are drawn and cost-effective recommendations and advice is provided, enabling you to make informed decisions.

The overall risk is summarised as LOW, MEDIUM or HIGH in line with current guidance.

  • A Concise Report;  
  • Determine Suitability for Sale / Purchase / Loan;
  • Recommendations And Advice On The Next Steps.

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