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Regenerating and protecting people and environments
To deliver technically excellent consultancy services, generating sustainable business growth
To be leaders in our field creating a sustainable future


We choose simple and effective solutions to deliver on our commitments to our clients and employees.


We pride ourselves in standing up for what is right for both our clients and employees.


We have a commitment to deliver excellence with all of our services, as well as to employees’ health and well-being.


We use innovation to deal with problems that we come across in our line of work and understand the problems of the future.

We understand sustainability is front and centre of property investment and development decisions and has the ability to add value in many ways.
Roberts Environmental

The built environment is responsible for around 40% of all global carbon emissions and as such has a large part to play in tackling climate change.

Core Business Impact

Roberts Environmental Sustainability

REL have grouped the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in four “themes” as they relate to aspects of sustainability that we believe we can have a significant impact on and reflect where our ambitions lie. The themes are as follows: 

Economic; Society; Biosphere; and Partnerships

For further details on where we consider we can make the largest positive impacts in the location and industry in which we operate please see the following link.

ENvironmental Policy

The Environment

As a business, we strive to be sustainable taking into account the effect that our business, clients and contractors have on the environment. We actively seek new and innovative ways to use fewer natural resources, produce less waste, conserve energy and prevent pollution.

Through our consultancy services, we help to prevent water and land pollution and its negative effects on human health and controlled waters.

Community & Social

Our People

At Roberts Environmental Limited, we promote a safe and secure environment that values diversity, promotes equal opportunities and encourages teamwork. We are dedicated to ensuring that our employees’ health and welfare are looked after and that they're involved in the issues affecting the direction of the business.

53% of our staff are female, which closely reflects the gender profile of the entire UK workforce and is in stark contrast to the construction industry average of less than 10.9% women employees. Our approach to inclusivity helps us to attract bright individuals and unlock the power of diversity in our assessment of ground based risks.

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