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Site Investigation

Phase I: Desktop Study

A Phase I is the first step in Site Investigation.

Potential sources of contamination, pathways it may migrate by and receptors it could affect are identified.

We assess multiple data sources, conduct a site walkover and liaise with regulatory bodies to identify any environmental risks and determine their significance in the context of your site.

The overall risk is summarised as LOW, MEDIUM or HIGH inline with current guidance.

We reduce your risk of liability and satisfy any related planning conditions.

Phase II: Ground Investigation

A Phase II enables property owners and developers to make informed decisions on the contamination status and suitability for development of their site.

The design and scope of each investigation is tailored to your site-specific needs using a large variety of techniques to obtain the required information.

We then determine:

  • The level (if any) of contamination present;
  • Any existing mitigating factors;
  • The engineering properties of the ground.

Conclusions are drawn and cost-effective recommendations and advice is provided, enabling you to make informed decisions.

The Phase II report can also be used to satisfy conditions of planning.

Phase III: Remediation

We review previous investigations to provide the most cost-effective remediation strategy.

All environmental and geotechnical risks are considered, taking your site-specific needs into account.

  • Assess all remediation options and determine the most suitable;
  • Account for cost, time, contamination, ground conditions, site sensitivity;
  • Provide a commercial cost-effective solution to allow suitable remediation.

The Phase III report can also be used to satisfy conditions of planning.

Phase IV: Validation

We act fast, carrying out any additional sampling if required within a matter of days. We also provide a descriptive record of the previous site remediation.

Based on our findings we produce a succinct report of our findings, advising how best to proceed without liability of environmental risk.

The Phase IV report can also be used to satisfy conditions of planning.


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