Climate Change Action and Sustainable Development

What is currently happening in the UK with climate policy?

Climate policy has been at the forefront of the news in recent months, with the UK government making seemingly reduced commitments within its policy at the same time as the United Nations are pushing for stronger policies at the UN Climate Summit. The UK Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, has discussed over the past few weeks delaying the 2030 targets for certain sectors. For example, the government is proposing a 5-year delay on the ban of new petrol and diesel cars and a 9-year delay on the ban of new gas boilers.

The stated reason for these new decisions has been that it would cost the public too much money to reach the original target by 2030. This has led scientists and business leaders to question the government's decisions with speculation about whether the UK will be on target to achieve its 2050 Net Zero Goal. This has been a confusing time for businesses and the decision making process involved in their own journeys towards Net Zero?

What are the next steps for businesses?

Businesses are having to make choices about how they align with the ever-changing policies and guidelines that are being released by the UK government. Yet, as the government insists it is still aiming for the goal of Net Zero by 2050 this means that all UK businesses will also need to have reached this Net Zero target. The question is how do businesses reduce their carbon emissions?

Examples of ways businesses can reduce their carbon emission may include:

-       Switching energy tariffs to renewable energy providers

-       Formalising a sustainability plan

-       Credible sustainability business certificate

-       Circular economic practices

-       Embedding Environmental, Social& Governance (ESG) practices into business

-       Carbon reduction plans

One key way for companies to set out their goals is a ‘Sustainability Road Map’ and a ‘Net Zero Plan’ both of which look at the ways climate policies, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and ESG can be factored into the business model. Key challenges when embedding sustainability into a business includes ensuring it maintains growth while having the knowledge and skills for implementation.

What has Roberts Environmental been doing?

At REL we have been implementing our Sustainability Road Map, laying out our Net Zero plan and incorporating the SDGs into our day-to-day business.

We have outlined in our sustainability statement (click here) our values, vision &mission as well as how the SDGs fit within our four areas of focus; business, partnerships, society and biosphere.

As well as this the sustainability team have been reporting REL’s carbon emissions as we aim to be Net Zero by 2040. Using the baseline emissions to see the progress made so far and what areas we need to have a greater focus on in the future.  

How can REL assist you?

Roberts Environmental have a dedicated team that can assist with the implementation of sustainability and the climate agenda into your business models. Whether that is through ESG due diligence reports and Net Zero assessments or helping to create sustainability road maps and sustainability strategies. Fundamentally, this can be achieved by benchmarking current activities, identifying risks and opportunities, building a road map, and implementing support.

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