Congratulations to Ellie Curry on her promotion

We are delighted to announce the promotion of Ellie Curry from Graduate Consultant to Consultant.

Ellie joined us in 2016 after graduating from Hull University where she studied geology with physical geography.

Over the past two years she has proved to be a very valuable member of the team and has worked hard to build her professional expertise in a wide range of areas.

Ellie has been involved in various projects in the North East over the past 12 months for clients including Lidl, Gleeson Homes and Gentoo. She has also completed a number of Due Diligence reports in Newcastle, Manchester, Glasgow and London for some of the largest Investment Funds in the country.

Commenting on her promotion, Ellie said: “The past 2 years have been very enjoyable and I am thrilled with my new position within the firm. We are currently involved in some fantastic projects right across the UK and I thoroughly enjoy the diverse range of work. Jeff and the team have provided me with some excellent opportunities to broaden my experience and I look forward to further challenges ahead”.

Jeff Roberts added: “I was particularly impressed by Ellie’s drive and proactive nature from the outset, she is a great asset to the team and her promotion is very well deserved. I look forward to seeing Ellie continue to thrive in her new role as the business grows.”

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