By Roberts Environmental

We recently undertook ground investigation & risk assessment work at the Auckland Castle Estate, to aid future development of the walled garden site.

The Auckland Castle Trust is in the process of regenerating the walled garden area of the estate to form a new café/restaurant, outdoor seating and gardens for recreation and food production.

Roberts Environmental was initially instructed to undertake an intrusive investigation of the site, to determine if contamination is present in soils beneath the site, which may pose a risk to current and future site users.

We undertook two phases of ground investigation within the garden areas, which involved the progression of a series of hand dug and machine excavated pits, the recovery of soils samples and laboratory analysis.

We produced a report outlining the findings of this investigation and made recommendations to Auckland Castle Trust with regards to future ground works, to ensure the garden is suitable for its proposed use. This information is now being used to develop a ground works and material management plan for the redevelopment of the site.

During the document review stage of the commission, we identified that the Local Authority had requested a Phase I Desk Study and Coal Mining Risk Assessment, which had been overlooked, as such we were commissioned to carry out these additional reports to ensure the planning process was not delayed.

Following submission of the above, we were then commissioned to carry further intrusive works in the north-western corner of the site, to obtain geotechnical design data to inform foundation design for proposed properties.

Our involvement in the project continues as we are providing ongoing consultancy advice to the project management team.

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