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Roberts Environmental undertook a Geo-Environmental Site Investigation and Risk Assessment for the 22.7-hectare agricultural site at Town End Farm, Sunderland.

The site is positioned adjacent and to the west of the A19, the North East Aircraft Museum is to the southwest and the main Nissan Motor Manufacturing plant is located to the south of the site.

The position of the site offers prospective investors and tenants the benefits of being located in the vicinity of global brands associated with the motor manufacturing industry, as well as direct access to the national transport network.

We were instructed by Kans and Kandy to undertake a comprehensive geotechnical and environmental site investigation to include a detailed report, which could be used by the client to facilitate the commercial development of the site.

The design and scope of the investigation works incorporated a variety of ground penetration techniques allowing for positions to be located at 50m centres across the whole site, resulting in a total of 90 points of investigation.

We successfully delivered a report providing a concise overview of the ground conditions, including an interpretation of the data so that the limitations to future development could be established. The quantity and detail of the technical data obtained allowed a comprehensive conceptual site model to be developed for the site. The information can be used to assess the most cost-effective foundation and structural design parameters so that the maximum development potential for a variety of uses can be determined for the site.

The report also provided a comprehensive environmental assessment of the ground conditions at the site, with a concise pragmatic interpretation of the data. The report can also be submitted to satisfy conditions imposed as part of the regulatory planning process.

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