By Roberts Environmental

On the instruction of MFG Properties, Roberts Environmental has recently undertaken ground investigations at three sites across the UK, prior to development for roadside retail uses.

The sites, which have been earmarked for drive-thru coffee shops, were all positioned alongside busy petrol filling stations. This provided a number of challenges and considerations in regard to vehicles as well as the overhead and buried services.

Our ground investigation works were organised so that the filling stations could remain open throughout, ensuring the businesses could still be fully operational without any disruption to sales.

At all three sites, our investigation works involved the progression of windowless sampling boreholes to depths of up to 6m. We also utilised cable percussive boreholes, which were progressed to a maximum depth of up to 14m.

Our investigations enabled us to provide our client with foundation design recommendations for the proposed development schemes.

At one site it would be necessary for our client to consider piling foundations to transfer the structural loads to a more competent founding strata or utilising ground improvement techniques to improve the engineering characteristics of the upper deposits. Suitable ground improvement techniques can include vibro-replacement, jet grouting, compaction grouting or soil mixing.

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